Waste Plans That Work

What Our Clients Say

"We are very excited to be working with a credible company like Retriever. They have consistently proven to be a service oriented company. They do whatever it takes. My GM and I always get a quick response and a solution from a knowledgeable support team member, even during weekends and after hours.

Retriever has continued to deliver on its promises:

  • They materialized a 24% savings off my previous waste and recycling program,
  • They ensured that my restaurants experienced a smooth transition with the changing of waste vendors, and
  • They customized a waste and recycling program that was geared toward my restaurants."

Executive Vice-President
National Restaurant Chain

"Ever since we turned our stores over to your company, I have not had to spend my valuable time worrying about trash providers and whether or not they were being serviced properly. Your personnel have all handled our issues in an efficient and professional manner. And, all at a cost savings for us! What more could I ask for?"

Purchasing Director
National Retail Chain

"The one quality that stands out above all is the credibility. Everything that is promised is delivered. Our savings goal has been achieved, our service to our location has been improved, and our flexibility has been increased. The responsiveness and knowledge of your staff had also been a primary reason for my satisfaction. Knowing that I only need to make one phone call is refreshing."

Vice President
National Entertainment Industry

"Thinking outside the box is part of their daily routine. We have been a business partner of Retriever for the better part of six years and will continue the relationship for many years to come. I will say on a personal level that it has been a pleasure to deal with my account representative and the owner of the company – I have a great deal of respect for them."

National Retail Chain